A Plus Driving School offers comprehensive and affordable driving lessons tailored to students’ is provided which additionally provided cheap automatic driving classes near me and automatic car driving lessons. It provides a variety of times, skilled instructors, and hands-on automatic driving lessons in Blackpool and Blackburn. The institution excels in this area in addition to offering all students affordably priced, excellent manual driving lessons near me. For people looking for a simple and effective learning approach, A Plus Driving School offers further intensive driving courses, such as crash courses and online that drive lesson booking. Kids looking for the best driving school in their area ought to check out A Plus Driving School because of their devotion towards security and high-quality instruction.

Automatic Car Driving Lessons

Whether you’re looking for focused instruction in automatic driving lessons in Blackburn and Blackpool or reasonable automatic driving lessons near me, A Plus Driving School provides thorough instruction in automatic cars that are modified to meet your needs. You will receive personalised guidance from our experts in order to help you become a skilled driver of automatic cars. We offer automatic driving crash courses and intensive driving courses near me for those looking for quick progression. Trust A Plus for the best automatic driving education in your area.

Intensive Driving Courses

Intense driving lessons from A Plus Driving School offers a quick the road to getting your licence. You can select an offer that suits your learning style and budget from choices like pay monthly intensive driving courses and cheap intensive driving courses for students. Known for providing the best intensive driving courses in the UK, A Plus caters to both automatic driving crash courses and manual driving crash courses UK . Our experienced instructors guide you through focused training, ensuring you gain confidence and skills quickly. Choose A Plus for quality, cost-effective driving instruction.

Manual Driving Lessons

A Plus Driving School offers manual driving lessons that cater to all levels, including step-by-step driving lessons for beginners. With cheap manual driving lessons near me and manual driving lessons packages price tailored to your budget, you can easily access quality instruction. Our experienced instructors help you learn to drive a manual car efficiently, providing guidance on clutch control and gear shifting. Trust car manual driving lessons from A Plus for a smooth, confident driving experience.

Driving Instructor Training

A Plus Driving School offers comprehensive driving instructor training for those looking to pursue a career in teaching automatic car driving lessons and manual driving lessons. Our programs include free driving instructor training and driving instructor training course online options, providing flexibility and convenience. With driving instructor training near me and driving school instructor training, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career. Our training reviews attest to the quality of our courses and their effectiveness. Trust A Plus for top-notch instructor training.

Booking Driving Lessons

A Plus Driving School makes it easy to book driving lessons online with cheap automatic driving lessons near me or manual driving lessons near me. Simply visit our website to schedule lessons that fit your time and goals. We offer 10 hours driving lessons for 100 and other affordable packages. Lessons are available in locations like automatic driving lessons Blackpool and automatic driving lessons Blackburn. Book your lesson online today and start your journey with the best driving school near you.

Driving License and Tests

A Plus Driving School helps you prepare for your driving test with mock driving test theory and mock driving test online to improve your confidence. Practice with mock practical driving test and mock driving test questions for a real test experience. Get support for driving license renewal online and apply for driving license through our guidance. Rely on A Plus for driving license and test preparation and support.

Pass Plus Scheme

The Pass Plus set is provided by a Plus Driving School to help you improve your driving abilities and get familiar with a variety of driving conditions, such as nighttime and motorway driving. Higher road safety and foster confidence are the benefits of the Pass Plus project. It’s possible that finishing the course will result in cheaper insurance costs. Make a date for a Pass Plus course with one of our skilled Pass Plus driving instructors right now to fully utilise all of the program’s benefits and improve your driving skills.

Driving Safety and Rules

A Plus Driving School emphasizes learning driving safety rules and driving rules and regulations for a safe experience. Our automatic car driving lessons and manual driving lessons include essential road driving tips and road driving rules to help you drive confidently. We offer guidance on driving permit rules and uk driving rules for new drivers, as well as step by step driving lessons for beginners. Choose A Plus for a focus on road signs for driving test and driving safety.

Learn to Drive with A Plus

For those who drive of all skill levels, A Plus Driving School provides unique driving instruction in both manual and automatic cars. We offer cheap automatic driving lessons in your area at experienced instructors to help you learn. At A Plus, you will learn both driving theory and practical skills through step by step driving lessons for beginners and advanced training. Our intensive driving courses and driving crash courses help you learn quickly and effectively. Choose us for personalized, comprehensive driving instruction.


Q: What types of driving lessons does A Plus Driving School offer?

A: We offer automatic and manual car driving lessons, including cheap automatic driving lessons near me.

Q: How can I book a lesson with A Plus?

A: Book online easily through our website.

Q: What kind of support does A Plus provide for driving tests?

A: We offer mock driving tests and guidance on driving license renewal and application.

Q: How does the Pass Plus scheme benefit me?

A: It enhances your driving skills and may lower your insurance premiums.

Q: Does A Plus offer driving instructor training?

A: Yes, we offer comprehensive courses for aspiring driving instructors.


A Plus Driving School gives thorough and inexpensive driving instruction tuned to your requirements, including manual and automated driving instruction. Our expert instructors lead you through intensive driving programmes, crash courses for rapid promotion, and practice driving tests to boost your self-confidence. We provide easy online reservations for both manual and cheap automatic driving lessons in your area. You can rely on A Plus for superb driving instruction and the Pass Plus set to improve your vehicular skills and possibly even minimise your insurance costs. Choose A Plus for quality, personalized instruction and support for all your driving needs.

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