In a world full of busy life and modern trends driving lessons, all are struggling to fulfill their dreams . The same is the case with car lovers and people who want to learn car driving for daily life purposes. The significance of learning to drive a car can not be counted in just a few numbers. By learning how to drive, one can become the owner of his own life and conveniently travel from one destination to another. The same is the purpose of our Acorn School of Motoring which reflects the top-notch instructors and highly trained staff for your learning in car driving. 

At our Acorn School of Motoring, we are offering a diverse range of car driving courses with best-in-class and experienced teachers who will guide you until you become the game changer of the road journey. In this platform, our experts will conduct a proper one-to-one session with the learner individually which will boost the learning and capabilities. Various car driving courses are being offered by us including 1 hour driving class, 2 hours class, Automatic driving lessons, Manual driving lessons, Intensive driving lessons and Crash driving courses.

Car Driving Lessons

People who love to drive automatic or manual cars can book this course for the reason we have unmatchable teachers of automatic and manual car driving who will help you at every single step. So, now you this problem has been solved by our Acorn School of Motoring and its premium instructors. One can learn how to drive by simply booking a course for it. Now, you are only one step away from achieving your dream of becoming an expert in road traveling. 

Our diverse range of courses is being offered for the learner of car driving with manual and automatic driving instructors. Despite the high price range in the market, we are offering this course at reasonable prices. The crazy lovers of car driving can purchase and book their session with our high-class and supreme teachers of automatic car driving. These driving lessons are for seekers who have keen interest in car driving and want to get on the road as soon as possible. The price ranges for driving lessons are as follows:

Automatic Driving lessons

One with an interest in automatic driving courses can book any of the lessons provided below. Also, you can choose the one which will suit you the most and you feel the prices are reasonable.

1-Hours Automatic Lessons / £ 38

2-Hours Automatic Lessons / £ 76

10-Hours Automatic Lessons / £ 360

Manual Driving Lessons

Those looking for a manual car driving instructor can choose any of these courses which are mentioned below for your convenience. However, this must be kept in mind that you should select the one in which you feel like you will easily learn the drive under this time duration.

1-Hour Automatic Lessons / £ 38

2-Hours Automatic Lessons / £ 76

10-Hours Automatic Lessons / £ 360

Intensive Driving Lessons

The Intensive Driving Lessons are for those who want to spend proper time learning about car driving. No matter if you are interested in automatic car driving or manual car driving these intensive driving lessons are the best match for you. The prices and calcification of these Intensive driving courses are as follows

10-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 610

15-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 860

20-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 1,085

25-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 1,310

30-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 1,520

35-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 1,640

40-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 1,940

45-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons / £ 2,140

Crash Driving Courses

A proper crash driving course is for those who want to become experts in car driving. This crash course will give you get a great grip on learning how to drive a car. Moreover, this includes a lot of practice which will make you get top-notch in this. The price ranges for these are as follows:

10-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 610

15-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 860

20-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 1,085

25-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 1,310

30-Hour Crash Driving Course / £ 1,520

35-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 1,640

40-Hours Crash Driving Course / £ 1,940

45-Hour Crash Driving Course / £ 2,140

Why Choose Acorn School of Motoring?

The following are the benefits of the Acorns Schools of Motoring. One can read the following details to understand the positive points of our car driving school academy. With the best grip on making people learn car driving and using result-proven strategies, this school of car driving learning is the best choice for you. One can learn how to drive and become a road driving expert within just a few days. Hence, for your grip on knowledge, we have mentioned these positive points which will be the same in real life to make you the game changer of car driving. These details are as follows:  

Top-Notch Instructors

Our well-experienced car driving instructors are for your teaching purpose. With a diverse range of work experience in the field of driving, one should not miss this opportunity of getting trained under these experts. With good driving techniques and full road driving strategies, one will become a professional driver.

Easy Driving Test Passing

Our diverse range of car driving lessons includes our most famous Intensive car driving lessons which will make you a premium driver and you will easily be able to pass the driving test with this easy and helpful driving training. In reality, these Intensive car driving lessons are only meant for those people who want to pass the car driving test.

Reasonable Prices

We are offering reasonable prices for the courses which means it is a dual combination of well-experienced instruction and with minimum prices. You can easily afford the fee charges for these courses. Including, one can pass his driving test with easy learning and a few days only. The real purpose of this course is to pass driving tests with easy classes and affordable prices.

Focus at Practice

Our main focus is to make the learner get practiced about what we have taught to him. We not only focus on teaching but also continue learning about the car-driving seeker. Our main intention is to make a person get his expertise in this domain and that can only be done when we focus on the practice of the learner. Practice, practice and practice.

Understanding Road Conditions

We focus on the different road conditions and we train our learners to drive as per the situation. Rules and regulations are the main focus of every city and country and we are under its importance. We follow the traffic rules and teach the same to our learners. You will learn how to drive by understanding road conditions and we are always here to teach you.


Q. What are Intensive Driving Lessons?

The Intensive car driving lessons are for those who want to learn how to drive a car for the sake of passing a driving test. And you will be able to pass your test by simply booking a course for yourself.

Q. What are Crash Driving Courses?

Crash driving courses are for those who want to become an expert in car driving for their road journey. One can easily become top-notch after this course as the main purpose of the course is to make people learn about the depth of car driving with a heap of self-practice.  

Q. What are the minimum car driving charges at Acorns School of Motoring?

The minimum price of car driving at Acorns School of Motoring starts from £ 38 for a 1-hour class and it goes on with the increment in the duration of the lessons. One can book a 2-hour class which will charge £ 76.
You can view other lessons and courses on our website.

Q. What are the maximum car driving charges of Acorn School of Motoring?

The maximum car driving charges of Acorn School of Motoring end at £ 2,140 for a 45-hour crash driving course and the same is the case for the Intensive Car Driving Lessons. For your knowledge, the minimum price starts from £ 38 for a 1-hour class.

Q. Why must one choose the Acorns Schools of Motoring?

One can choose the Acorns Schools of Motoring for the reason it has a lot of benefits and positive points such as top-notch instructors, easy driving test passing, and focus in practice. And the best thing this school have is reasonable prices


The Acorns School of Motoring is for those who want to learn car driving with a best-in-class driving instructor. With a great range of courses and lessons such as 1-hour driving lessons, 2-hour driving lessons, Intensive Car Driving Lessons and Crash Driving Courses. These all courses have their price range and packages. All instructors possess extensive experience and demonstrate a strong command of teaching Book your session now!!

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