Learn to drive driving has become a dream of everyone, becoming an independent owner of your own life and going wherever you feel the most joyful. Who would not love to travel to various locations and destinations to explore the journey or for daily traveling? And who would deny enjoying the visit to different food or other places?  

However, in the journey from zero to becoming a road journey, you need to learn it properly with the best car driving instructors. With Acorns School of Motoring. But still, a common question arises: how long does it take to learn to drive? For the answer, you have to explore the article provided below for your understanding and grip on the time taken by car driving.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive Automatic?

You can learn to drive automatic cars in less than 20 days. This is the period which is utilized by almost all people who want to learn it as soon as possible. However, this should not be forgotten that it depends upon two factors: The learning capability of the car learner & the time duration per day. One can learn to drive an automatic car faster by utilizing most of his day time in learning so that he will be able to practice as much as he can.

Moreover, automatic car driving is very simple as compared to manual car driving. People interested in learning how to drive can give more time to their daily routine so that they can either get their driving license or get the basics of automatic car driving. The answer to your question of how long it takes to learn to drive is simply that usually, it takes a minimum or less than 20 days.  

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive Manual?

People who have manual cars can become aware of how long it takes to learn to drive a manual by reading the description below. However, in every case, the period is different for the reason it depends upon how much time you are utilizing per day for the learning process. Another point which must be kept in mind is the pace of the learner.

Some people have a natural ability to learn fast as compared to others but if that is not the case with you then still do not worry. You will learn better at your own pace and without any pressure. The answer to your question: how long does it take to learn to drive manual? The periods are 20-30 hours. During this training in car driving, you will learn about Accelerator, Break, Clutch Gears etc.

Can I Learn To Drive In A Month?

Yes, you will learn about car driving in a month. No matter if the car is manual or automatic, you will manage to gain an understanding of the car driving in just one month. Further, people who think that it will require a lot of time such as so many years are wrong. That is the only case when people want to become top-notch on the road journey

But for car driving in common cases, it won’t take that much time, so do not worry and you can start your journey now with best-in-class instructors with the least fee charges. However, in other cases, people may not be able to manage the understanding of car driving learning in one month for the cause that may be slow learners but still that is not a big issue. One must continue learning at his own pace but with consistency. 

Can I Learn To Drive In A Week?

Yes, but in only the case that a person is giving most of the time in learning. He must spend his 6-7 hours with respective breaks so that he can speed up the process of car driving. If a person is only giving 2 or less than 2 hours then definitely he may not be able to learn the process due to lack of understanding and less time duration per day. 

The answer to your question, can I learn to drive in a week is simply yes! But as mentioned above one must properly give time to get into the learning of the car driving. That is the only case for learning to drive a car in just a week. The last suggestion would be to practice as much as you can because who is not aware of the positive points of practice?  

Steps To Learn Car Driving

People who are looking to drive a car should seek the steps, guidance and methodology which is required for a better approach and learning. One should not deny the importance of pre-knowledge for driving the car no matter whether it is automatic or manual. Let’s explore the steps provided below: 

Step 1: Get Pre-knowledge 

Knowledge is very crucial in anything. A Lot of experts suggest getting maximum pre-knowledge as much as you can because it makes a person aware of the future and makes a person get aware and alert about everything which is related to that particular thing. About car driving, the pre-knowledge would be related to the basic know-how of the accelerator, brakes, gears clutch etc. This will lower the risk of on-the-spot incidents. 

Step 2: Book the course 

Various premium courses are provided at our website which will make your driving journey more joyful with the best supreme instructor. One can book driving lessons at our Acorn School of Motoring in which we provide the best and unparalleled male and female instructors which will make you the game changer of road journeys.  

Step 3: Practice, Practice & Practice

After you have chosen the course which suits you the most no matter if it is an intensive driving course, basic driving course or crash driving course. All you need now is to practice and practice as much as you can daily. Now, it all depends upon how much grip you have on car driving while practicing it at maximum level.   

How To Learn Car Driving?

One can learn car driving by booking a course online provided at various websites. A Lot of driving schools or academies are teaching car driving at different prices. The minimum cost starts from £36 – £40 for 1 hour driving class. The courses included in this are intensive driving courses, crash driving courses and simple driving courses. They all have their representative time duration and the tenure of teaching.  

After this, the last step would be to practice as much as you can. A practice can fulfill all the variations of car driving which will make you best-n-class for the road journey. One should keep practicing until he thinks that he can now drive in all conditions such as tough weather conditions, nights or heavy traffic. 

How Many Driving Lessons Do I Need?

The recommendation is to take 30-35 hours of lessons which are included in intensive car driving. During this time duration, one can easily understand the car driving at a good level. Other lessons are also provided such as 40-45 hours of course and many more, but one should only choose the duration in which he understands that he will learn it very well. And also he will be able to practice car driving as much as he can. 


Q. How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive Manual?

A manual car driving would take 20-30 hours depending upon the time duration you are giving per day. One can learn the basic guidelines and expertise of manual car driving within these days. Also, you can drive your car in normal to minimum traffic. 

Q. How Long Does It Take To Learn To Drive Automatic?

For automatic car driving, you will be able to learn it in 20 days. But the case is that this time duration depends upon how much a person is giving his time daily. And at how much pace he is learning things. One must not pressure himself to learn the process more fastly than his pace or capacity.   

Q. What are the Steps To Learn Car Driving?

The steps to learn car driving include getting the pre-knowledge of the car driving which includes the basic knowledge of the accelerator, brake, clutch or gears etc. The next step is to book a course. Several courses are there such as simple driving courses, intensive driving courses, crash driving courses etc. The last final step is to practice as much as you can.

Q. What are some tips to learn to drive fastly? 

One can learn to drive fastly by first booking a course which will make him learn the process. After that the only thing which matters is to learn to drive a car fastly is by practicing as much as you can. The more practice you will do the more expert you will be as a game changer of road journey.   


People seeking the answer to the question of how long does it take to learn to drive. You can learn the car in just 20 days. During this period, you will be able to get your car on the road and will be able to drive with expertise. But still, it matters how much you practice driving in real life. There are various car driving lessons or courses such as intensive courses, crash courses, simple courses etc. In the last words, I would say that it depends upon your own pace and interest, never pressurize yourself too much. Learn at your speed but with consistency.

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