Driving lessons modern life expects people to fulfill its contemporary standards. Offering independence and convenience in traveling from one place to another, these 4 wheeled vehicles have become a compensation for daily use. Who would prefer traveling using bicycles or old vehicles nowadays? No one! As the world has become more social and since the ,,, has arisen in communities, people are expected to be independent in moving from one place to another and other aspects too. 

Various institutes provide the learning of automatic or manual driving depending upon the choice and need of the learner. Similarly, we are providing top-class driving instructors. If someone is willing to learn driving with our driving lessons to know how much they are drive lesson, then he can explore the given article. However, for your convenience our average driving lessons start from £ 38 for 1 hour manual lesson and the same is the case for the automatic driving lessons. You can read the more detail provided as follows:

Cost of Driving Lessons

If you are looking for the cost of driving lessons then here the listed prices are provided to you for a better approach in automatic and manual driving. Given below are the details of the automatic driving lessons including 1-hour automatic lessons, 2-hour automatic lessons, and 10-hour automatic lessons. For manual driving lessons, we have presented details of 1-hour, 2-hour and 10-hour manual driving lessons. Intensive driving lessons and crash driving courses are also provided. Hence, after digging into the below points you will be aware of how much are driving lessons. Let’s explore the details together!  

Average Driving Lesson Cost 

For average drive lesson cost, It starts from 1 hour up to 10 hours for both automatic and manual driving lesson. You can start with 1 hour drive lessons depending upon driving or automatic lessons, this way you will get an idea about the instructor and the methodology of teaching. Further described are the simple automatic plus drive lesson, intensive driving lesson and crash course drive lesson. We have enlisted the average drive lessons cost as:

For Automatic Driving Lessons:

Ranging from minimum premium 1-hour driving lesson to 10 hours of top-notch class, here are the reasonable prices of these driving lesson. You can choose the one which suits you the most and is affordable for you as well: 

1-Hour Automatic Lessons:  £ 38 – £ 45

2-Hour Automatic Lessons:  £ 76 – £ 88

10-Hour Automatic Lessons: £ 360 – £ 375

For Manual Driving Lessons:

Those who have Maula cars and prefer learning manual drive lesson over automatic ones can easily choose the one which suits them most and is reasonable for them. Before selecting the one who wants to pursue it is recommended that you should choose the 1-hour Manual lessons at starting to get an idea about the instructor and the method according to which he/she teaches. 

1 Hour Manual Lessons: £ 38 – £ 45

2 Hour Manual Lessons: £ 76 – £ 88

10-Hour Manual Lessons: £ 360 – £ 375

Intensive Driving Lessons: 

Our supreme intensive drive lessons include training starting from 2 days and other packages ending up at 12 weeks of proper and best-in-class training. These drive lesson are for those who want to learn and take proper training to practice car driving. One can select these lesson if one wants to dig in depth into the analogy of car driving. 

10-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons:  £ 610 (intensity 2 to 4 days)

15-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 860 (intensity 2 to 6 days) 

20-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 1,085 (intensity 1 to 3 weeks)

25-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 1,310 (intensity 1 to 4 weeks)

30-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 1,520 (intensity 1 to 5 weeks)

35-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons:  £ 1,640 (intensity 1 to 6 weeks)

40-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 1,940 (intensity 2 to 8 weeks)

45-Hour Intensive Driving Lessons: £ 2,140 (intensity 2 to 12 weeks)

Crash Driving Courses

With our crash driving courses, one can learn the analogy of driving with expertise of practice as well. During this tenure of learning the drive, one can completely practice and become an expert in the road journey. You can understand all the logic and become an expert in the field of driving. With our driving courses, you can start with 2 days’ training and if the more period will suit you then you can easily choose the one which has an intensity of 12 weeks. In short, this crash course provides you with every detail of driving and you will eventually become the expert in driving.

10-Hour Crash Driving Course:   £ 610 (intensity 2 to 4 days)

15-Hour Crash Driving Course:  £ 860 (intensity 2 to 6 days)

20-Hour Crash Driving Course:  £ 1,085 (intensity 1 to 3 weeks)

25-Hour Crash Driving Course: £ 1,310 (intensity 1 to 4 weeks)

30-Hour Crash Driving Course: £ 1,520 (intensity 1 to 5 weeks)

35-Hour Crash Driving Course: £ 1,640 (intensity 1 to 6 weeks)

40-Hour Crash Driving Course: £ 1,940 (intensity 2 to 8 weeks)

45-Hour Crash Driving Course:  £ 2,140 (intensity 2 to 12 weeks)


What are the average driving lesson costs? 

The average driving lesson start from £ 38 which is fixed for 1 hour and 2 hours drive lesson the cost is £ 76. If someone is willing to learn the driving course for 10 hours then the cost would be £ 360. These prices  

What is the Intensive Driving Lessons cost?

The intensive driving lesson cost 10 hours is £ 610 for the intensity 2 to 4 days. £ 860 for the 15 Hour Intensive Driving Lesson. 20 Hour Intensive Drive Lessons will cost £ 1,085 and the intensity ranges from 1 to 3 weeks. For 25 Hour Intensive Driving education £ 1,310 with the periods of 1 to 4 weeks. Other packages can be viewed from the above details.  

What is the Crash Driving Lessons cost?

For the 10 hours of crash driving course, the charges would be £ 610 for the intensity of 2 to 4 days. For periods of 2 to 6 days, the charges would be £ 860 and the time is 10 hours. If you are willing for a 15 hours crash course then the charges will be £ 860 for the intensity of 2 to 6 days.

What is the benefit of automatic driving lessons vs manual driving lessons?

The advantages vary for every person. Those who have automatic cars should join the automatic driving lesson and people who have manual cars should prefer learning to drive manually. However, if you are willing to buy a new automatic car then definitely you should go for automatic lessons.   

What is the benefit of automatic driving lessons vs manual driving lesson?

The cost of driving lesson may vary from institute to institute for the reason every driving school has its price range, Moreover, depending upon the courses such as simple automatic or manual driving education, intensive manual or automatic driving classes or crash courses etc. 


The one who is willing to learn automatic or manual driving can check the prices of these lesson or courses. These prices may depend upon days and periods and sometimes may depend upon the expertise of the instructor. The experienced instructor would charge more over an instructor who has minimum work experience of teaching. However, the prices may start from £ 36 to over £ 2,140, depending upon the time duration and the expertise of the driving teacher. 

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