Imagine yourself as a skilled and confident driver on the road journey who is driving fearlessly and smoothly on the main road with any kind of traffic scenario. Yes, that is possible! At Auto Driving Instructor we are contributing massively to the building of confidence, reliability and expertise of our learners. With no doubt, you can achieve your dreams within just a few days and for that all you need is dedication, commitment and a little bit of spark of excitement. Your search ends here and at Auto Driving Instructor you can easily become a professional car driver. So, let yourself be ready enough to begin the journey of struggle, practice, exploration of vibrant streets and embark on your driving adventure. Here we go for the learning of car driving with the best-in-class Intensive Driving Courses Blackburn.

Our Intensive Driving Courses Blackburn 

So let’s seek no longer for the furnishing of yourself to transform into a vibrant and talented car driver. At Auto Driving Instructor, we are offering a huge diverse range of Intensive Driving Courses in Blackburn in which you can have a greater grip to become a successful driver or mock any of the car driving tests with the Intensive Driving Courses Blackburn provides here. 

10-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons

The 10-hour Intensive Driving Lessons are the best match for those who want to learn car driving under 10 hours of driving lessons. These timings are different as per the choice of the user and also how much the learners want to learn the car driving. If the car driving learners already have enough practice in the car driving then these 10-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons are enough for the mocking of the car driving test. This Intensive Driving Courses for the people of Blackburn is the best option if they are targeting to mock any of the car driving tests to get certified. The duration lasts about 2-4 days in only one week.          

15-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The 15-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons are for those who want to learn more about car driving. This has more time than the 10-hour Intensive Driving Courses. The reason for this is that there are types of people who already have little to intermediate knowledge about car driving but want to improve their skills. The 15-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons which we are offering are very affordable and we always pay attention towards the best grip of the learner for car driving. We offer a price range that is very pocket-friendly. They last around the time duration of 2-6 days.  

20-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

This is our Intensive Driving Lessons for the time duration of 20 Hours, where the teachings of car driving are taught in detail along with the easy and affordable prices. We have the ADI registered professional and our team is composed of those proficient car driving instructors who have years of experience in teaching and they are very superior-graded in it. The timings are adjustable and the 20-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons lasts around 1-4 weeks. Moreover, it depends upon the learner how quickly he learns and wants to learn the car.   

25-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

The duration for the 20-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons are the duration of time 1-4 weeks.  In these 25 hours, the basic to expert level of knowledge about car driving is taught and the learner can easily learn to drive a car within this time duration. The charges for these 25-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons are very low and we believe that we must focus on the learning of the learner instead of focusing on the quality of learners at the Auto Driving Instructor Blackburn.

30-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

These 30-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons last around the duration of 1-5 weeks. These are for those who want to learn the car in more depth than the time duration of 25 Hours. All that is required is your dedication, commitment and eagerness to learn. We offer our 30-hour Intensive Driving Lessons that last around the 1-5 weeks which are very cheap and you can easily avail these under a few pounds. Our firm belief is that we should make our learners so capable that they can learn car driving and for that, our team of proficient individuals are here to assist you in that. 

35-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons

The 35-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons such as the combination of comprehension, Mock test preparation, Theory test preparation, Quick progress and flexible timings are being offered. The time duration in which they last is around 1-6 weeks. During this time duration, we teach our learners every related detail and make sure that our learners are getting enough capable of learning to drive a car to mock driving the tests. These are very pocket-friendly lessons in which you get an expert level of proficiency in it. 

40-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons

The 40 hours of our Intensive Driving Lessons are some of the most long-lasting lessons in which the learners are made so professional that they get all the practice of the traffic rules or the related requirements like any unexpected road scenarios. All these teachings are given in the lessons taught by our ADI registered professionals. The course duration lasts around 2-12 weeks and you can also mock the car driving test as well.  

45-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons 

These are the types of Intensive Driving Lessons offered by us and last around the duration of 2-12 weeks. Our 45-Hours Intensive Driving Lessons are comprehension of theory test preparation, quick progress learning, mock test preparation, flexible timings and many other good options. You must now miss this opportunity for your preparation for the mock driving test and the transformation of yourself into an independent driver. The fee charges which we offer are very affordable and pocket-friendly. 


Q: What are Intensive Car Driving Courses? 

The Intensive Car Driving Courses are those in which every point for car driving is taught. There are many types of Intensive Car Driving Courses available such as 10-hour Intensive Driving Courses to 45-hour Intensive Driving Lessons. The charges for each are different from each other.  

Q: What type of Intensive Driving Courses are Being Offered?

Various types of courses are being offered which include 10-hour Intensive Driving Lessons, 15-hour Intensive Driving Lessons and 45-hour Intensive Driving Lessons. These lessons teach you to learn car driving at an intense level. 

Q: How much is the Intensive Driving Lesson Charges?

The Intensive Driving Lessons Charges start from £ 610 if they last from 2-4 days. Also, these charges vary from lesson to lesson which means that the charges may be greater than the amount mentioned or may be less than that depending upon the duration of the lessons.  


The Intensive driving courses are the courses in which you get the best level of expertise given by proficient instructors. The charges may differ in every academy and the instructor as well. The normal prices for the Intensive Driving Courses start from £ 610 and end up at £ 2, 140. This is the best match if you want to learn to drive a car because you can easily drive with our proficient instructors at the Auto Driving Instructor